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LYLA Chunky Chain & Rhinestone Necklace Tutorial

diykl lyla necklace tutorial

What your DIYKL kit supplies:

  • 9 large rectangle rhinestones
  • 27 marquise rhinestones in 3 different colours
  • 1 large clasp
  • Jumprings in various sizes
  • Flat eyepins
  • Curb chain

Click to purchase the LYLA Chunky Chain & Rhinestone Necklace Kit.

DIY tools you will need (not included in the kit):

DIY Steps:

1. Firstly, take the chain and hold it around your neck to determine how short or long you want the first chain (closest to your neck) to be. We used approximately 15'' to 16'' for the first chain. Then the subsequent chains, you can add an extra half-inch or so. This is to create a layered look! 

2. Once you are satisfied with the lengths of the chain, use a flat nose and round nose plier to separate the chain by slowly pushing apart the chain link. Continue this for the remaining chain (we made 8 chain!). You can see how the varying lengths of chains look next to each other!

3. Now to make your rhinestone pendants! Use 2 flat eyepins and insert through the holes at the bottom of the rectangle rhinestone.

4. Add on a marquise rhinestone. You may need to squeeze the marquise rhinestone a little bit and it's alright if the wire bends inwards a little! Gently push it down, and add another marquise rhinestone. 

5. Using a flat nose plier, grip the top of the other end of the eyepin wire, and slowly twist your pliers inwards to make a loop. Do the same for the other side. Your first rhinestone pendant is done. 

6. If you wish to use less rhinestones, simply use a cutter to snip off approximately 1cm from the top of the rhinestone so that you are able to make a loop.

7. Get creative with your rhinestone pendants!

8. To attach the rhinestones to your necklace, use pliers to twist open a small jumpring and insert it through one of the loops (of the rhinestone pendant).

9. Now using the longest chain which you have separated before earlier, this is where you will be attaching all your rhinestone pendants. From Step 8, do not close the jumpring yet and loop it through a curb chain. Make sure this is attached to the middle of the chain. Repeat Steps 8 & 9 to the second loop (of the rhinestone pendant).

10. Begin attaching the other rhinestone pendants! 

11. Using a big jumpring, connect all the ends of the chain. Close the jumpring with pliers. 

12. On the other end, repeat Step 11 but also insert the large clasp before closing the jumpring.

Voila! Make a statement with your personalised LYLA chunky chain & rhinestone necklace! Feel free to customise the necklace. Want more DIY ideas? Email us at hello@diykl.com and don't forget to tag your DIY projects at #diykl