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CARA Rhinestone & Fringe Choker Tutorial

DIYKL CARA Rhinestone Fringe Choker

What the DIYKL kit includes:

  • Pre-cut wire
  • 4 different sized rhinestones in various colours as shown
  • Stiff felt (for rhinestone arrangement)
  • Soft felt (to cover the back of the rhinestone arrangement)
  • Wide ribbon (additional layer to be placed at the back of the rhinestone arrangement)
  • Silky cords

Purchase the CARA Rhinestone & Fringe Choker kit here Oops, sold out! Check out our available items here.

DIY tools you will need (not included in the kit):

  • Sharp scissors
  • Round-nose plier (purchase here)
  • E6000 glue (purchase here). 


  1. Start by arranging the rhinestones. You can freestyle here! 
  2. Once you're satisfied with your arrangement, use E6000 glue on the metal edges of the back of the rhinestone and glue them onto the stiff felt. 
  3. Once the glue has dried, trim off the felt. You will need another piece of soft felt cut to the same shape for the back of the choker, so proceed to cut another set! 
  4. Use the roundnose pliers to loop both ends of the wire. 
  5. Proceed to loop each cord onto the wire. For this tutorial, we looped 12 cords on each side of the choker. 
  6. Once you done, apply E6000 glue along the knots of cords and on the wire loop. Make sure not to get glue anywhere else on the cords as you want them to be able to hang freely without any sticky bits. 
  7. Apply more glue on the back of rhinestone arrangement and cover it up with the extra pieces of cut soft felt. 
  8. Optional: Add an additional layer of ribbon to the back of the rhinestone arrangement for a more luxurious look. 
  9. Trim off any excess felt (and ribbon) that is visible from the front of the choker. 
  10. Voila! Wear the CARA choker with any boat-necked dresses and you're ready to wow everyone you meet!