FLEUR Rhinestone Necklace Tutorial

diykl fleur rhinestone necklace

What your DIYKL kit supplies:

  • Curb chain
  • Rectangle rhinestones
  • Marquise rhinestones
  • Mini round rhinestones
  • Teardrop rhinestones
  • Jumprings in various sizes
  • Lobster clasp

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DIY tools you will need (not included in the kit):

  • E6000 glue
  • Dart awl
  • Flat Nose & Round Nose pliers (click here to purchase)
  • Retractable blade (can be easily purchased at your local stationery store)

 DIY Steps:

 1. Before gluing the rhinestones onto the felt, try out the pattern first like in Picture 3. Take a photo of it so that you remember the pattern.

2. Dab some glue onto the back of a round rhinestone.

3. Start placing the three round rhinestones in the middle of the felt piece (Picture 5).

4. Place a marquise rhinestone below the middle round rhinestone first, to make sure the pattern stays symmetrical (Picture 6).

5. Add the other marquise rhinestones on both sides of the middle marquise rhinestone (Picture 7).

6. Add the rectangle rhinestones to both sides of the round rhinestones. Continue the pattern, and do make sure as you glue the rhinestones, you curve it upwards and inwards so that the necklace bib follows the curve of a neck. Let the glue dry for a few hours before you proceed to Picture 8.

7. Using a retractable knife, slowly cut the outline of the rhinestones. You now have a bib pendant. Keep a little bit of space at each end of the bib. (Picture 8)

8. Use a dart awl (or something sharp like a needle) to pierce the felt on both ends of the bib pendant. 

9. Separate the length of chain (using pliers) according to your preference. 

10. Using the pliers, pierce the jumpring through the hole. Slip the chain through the jumpring before closing the jumpring. (Picture 9)

11. On one end of the chain, add the jumpring. On the other end of the chain use the jumpring and attach the lobster clasp on it. (Picture 10)

Voila! Dress up any outfit with your FLEUR necklace, pairs perfectly with a plain tee too1