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FRIDA Knotted Chain & Tassels Necklace Tutorial

diykl FRIDA Knotted Chain & Tassels Necklace

What your DIYKL kit supplies:

  • Curb chain
  • 2 tassels
  • End caps
  • Jumprings
  • Superglue

Note: You will need pliers (not included) for this DIY.

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DIY Steps:

1. Measure how much chain you would like by draping it over your neck. 

2. Then tie a knot at the bottom half on your chain like in Picture 3. It would look like Picture 4.

3. Prepare your tassels! Slowly slide off the binding at the top half of the tassel like in Picture 5. Cut the dangling rope at the top of the tassel (Picture 6), and the tassel will now look like in Picture 7.

4. Using the superglue, tip the end cap slightly and dab a bit of superglue onto the bottom of the end cap and on its sides (Picture 8).

5. Slowly push the top bit of the tassel into the end cap and let it dry for a few minutes (Picture 9).

6. Using pliers, slip a jump ring through the hole (on top of the end cap), and slide the chain through it. (Picture 10)

7. Repeat Step 6 for the other end of the chain (Picture 11).

Psst here's a secret...your FRIDA Knotted Chain & Tassel necklace looks perfect from day to night!