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LUNA Teardrop Crystal Bracelet Tutorial

diykl LUNA Teardrop Crystal Bracelet


What your DIY KL kit supplies:

  • Pre-cut memory wire
  • Teardrop crystals
  • Small beads
  • Lobster clasp
  • Loose chain
  • Jump rings (optional)

Note: Please note that pliers are not included in this DIY. Click to purchase pliers

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DIY steps:

  1. Using a round-nose plier, make one loop at the end of the wire (Picture 2).
  2. Slide in 2 teardrop crystals, followed by a small bead. Alternate between 2 teardrop crystals and small bead until the final 1cm of the wire.
  3. Slide in the loose chain and start to loop the end of the wire to secure the beads, crystals and wire (Picture 5).
  4. Open the attached jump ring on the lobster clasp, and slide in the other end of the loose chain (Picture 8), and close the jump ring. Now you can clasp onto the other loop.
  5. Rotate the crystals to face outwards on both sides and voila, your bracelet is ready to be worn! 

That said...have an armparty with your LUNA Teardrop Crystal Bracelet!