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HOW TO Connect Chains Tutorial

diy how to connect chains

How To:

1. What you need is a flat nosed pliers (left) and a round nose pliers (right) as depicted in Picture 1. Purchase our pliers here

2. Take a jump ring (Picture 2) using a flat nosed pliers to clamp and secure its hold.  

3. Take your round nose pliers (Picture 3).

4. With your flat nosed pliers in a stationary position, twist the jump ring open by turning the round nosed pliers towards you (Picture 4). 

5. Now you have an open jump ring! Using your flat nosed pliers which is clamped onto the jump ring, slip the two curb chains on either side of the jump ring (Pictures 5 & 6).

6. Now pick up your flat nose pliers again and clamp it onto the other side of the jump ring (Picture 7).

7. To close the jump ring, twist it close by turning the round nosed pliers away from you (Pictures 8 & 9).

8. Voila! You have now learnt the basics of using pliers and connecting chains.