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SOPHIA Layered Chain Necklace Tutorial

SOPHIA Layered Chain Necklace Tutorial

What your DIY KL kit supplies:

  • Pre-made large curb chain necklace
  • Medium sized curb chain (length is the same as the necklace)
  • Small sized curb chain (length is the same as the necklace)
  • Jumprings

NOTE: This DIY requires pliers. Click to purchase our pliers.

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DIY steps:

1. To make a layered chain necklace, first you will need to make approximate measurements as to how much chain you would like to add to the main base chain (Picture 2). 

2. Using pliers, take off the excess chain by separating the extra curb chain links (Picture 3).

3. Using a jumpring (Picture 4), insert the jumpring to the large chain at whichever length you had earlier determined on (Picture 5). It should now look like Picture 6.

4. Repeat the same for the other side (Picture 7).

5. Now to continue the layering with the small sized curb chain. Attach this chain to the 2nd layer (Picture 9). Close the link and voila! You're finished! Do try other variations as well and don't forget to tag us at #diykl 

Go on, go and rock your Sophia Layered Chain necklace - you deserve it!