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LIZ Rhinestone & Tassel Bracelet Tutorial

What your DIYKL kit supplies:

  • Pre-cut memory wire
  • Marquise rhinestones
  • Small beads
  • Tassel
  • End caps
  • Jumprings
  • Lobster clasp

Note: You will need pliers (click to purchase) for this DIY.

Click to purchase the LIZ Rhinestone & Tassel Bracelet kitOops, sold out! Check out our available items here.

DIY steps:

1. Using a round-nose plier, make one loop at the end of one wire (Picture 2). Do the same for the other wire (Picture 3).

2. Slide 1 small bead for each row, until it reaches the looped ends. As the backing of the marquise rhinestone has 2 holes on either side, slide each wire through each hole (Picture 4).

3. Alternate between the rhinestone and beads until you reach the end of the wires.

4. Using round-nose pliers, make another loop at the other end of the wires (Picture 5). Your bracelet should look something like in Picture 6!

5. Using pliers, attach the large jumpring through the 2 loops you have made. Do the same for the other end. Add the lobster clasp to one of the jumprings.

6. Now, for the tassel! Check out the FRIDA Tassel Earrings tutorial on the how-to. 

7. Slip a jumpring through the top of the tassel's end cap (Picture 8), and attach the jumpring to one end of your bracelet (Picture 9). Voila! Your bracelet is ready to be worn.

That said...have an armparty with your LIZ Rhinestone & Tassel Bracelet!