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FRIDA Tassel Earrings Tutorial

diykl FRIDA Tassel Earrings Tutorial

What your DIYKL kit supplies:

  • A pair of tassels
  • End caps
  • Jumprings
  • Nickel-free earring clips/hooks

NOTE: Pliers are needed in this DIY. Click to purchase pliers.

Click to purchase FRIDA Tassel Earrings kit

DIY steps:

1. Slowly slide off the binding at the top half of the tassel like in Picture 2. The result would be like the tassel in Picture 3.

2. Cut the dangling rope at the top of the tassel. 

3. Using the superglue, tip the end cap slightly and dab a bit of superglue onto the bottom of the end cap and on its sides.

4. Slowly push the top bit of the tassel into the end cap and let it dry for a few minutes. 

5. Using pliers, slip a jump ring through the hole (on top of the end cap) as in Picture 7. 

6. Without closing that jump ring yet, slip the earring clip/hook into it as well. Close the jump ring using the pliers.

7. Let the glued tassel to set for at least an hour before wearing it out!

8. Try our various array of colors as shown in Picture 10!

Stay bohemianly cool just like Frida Kahlo with your FRIDA Tassel Earrings!