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LUXE Rhinestone & Tassel Necklace Tutorial

diykl LUXE Rhinestone & Tassel Necklace

What your DIY KL kit supplies:

  • Gold curb chain
  • 2 different coloured rectangular rhinestones
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jumprings
  • Tassels

Note: This DIY KL kit does not include the E6000 glue (click to purchase) and pliers

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DIY steps:

1. Measure the chain on your neck to your own customisation. 

2. Once you are satisfied with the length, using pliers, push the jumpring apart to slip the lobster clasp through the jumpring. Attach it to one end of the chain.

3. Attach one jumpring to the other end of the chain as in picture 3. 

4. Cut the string above the tassel.

5. Pierce the jumpring through the middle of the top bun of the tassel. Do the same for the other tassels.

6. Using pliers, attach the jumprings (with the tassels on it) to the curb chain. One variation is to attach the jumpring in the middle of the necklace, and begin from there.

7. Do make sure you lay the necklace in a curved manner like in picture 6, before you glue the rhinestones on. This is to avoid the chain from being too stiff when the glue sets.

8. Dab some glue onto the back of the rhinestone (only on the rims, and not directly onto the back of the rhinestone as this will affect the outcome look of the rhinestone when it fully dries) and slowly press onto the chain between the tassels. Be creative and customise your rhinestones in any way you like! Once you are done, let the glue dry for a few hours before wearing it.

Enjoy wearing your chic LUXE Rhinestone & Tassel Necklace!