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DAHLIA Hypoallergenic Tassel Earrings

What your DIYKL kit supplies: 2 sequin flowers 2 tassels A pair of earring posts or clip-ons A tube of industrial strength glue A strip of ribbon  Click here to purchase the DAHLIA Hypoallergenic Tassel Earrings kit. DIY Steps: Determine how long you want your tassel to hang from the back of the sequin flower and glue the tassel into place.  Apply glue as shown by the red dots and cover the back of the earring with the strip of ribbon. Trim off the ribbon accordingly.  Glue on the earring post in the middle of the back of the earring. If you've opted for clip-ons, make sure that the hinge of the clip-on is facing the tassel.  Leave the glue to...

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Rhinestone Earrings Tutorial

What your DIYKL kit supplies: Vinyl (approx. 20x20 cm) 4 pairs of nickel-free earring studs 4 pairs of earring backs 64 pieces of rhinestones in various shapes and colours Industrial-strength glue DIY Steps: Start by designing your earrings by arranging the rhinestones.  Once you have confirmed your design, glue them onto the vinyl. Allow at least 8 hours for the glue to set.  When the glue has dried, carefully trim off the vinyl as close as you can.  Carefully glue on the earring studs, and allow another 8 hours for the glue to set.  And you're done! 

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LUN BAWANG Beaded Bracelet & Necklace Tutorial

 What your DIYKL kit supplies: Various types of Sarawakian Lun Bawang beads such as big patterned beads,  'Palang Alau' (60 beads), 'Labang' (60 beads), 'Bau Tulang' (100 beads) Silver tibetan spike pendants Cotton string (typically used in Lun Bawang jewellery) Nylon string 4 stainless steel toggle clasps 10 big jumprings 20 small jumprings 10 nickel-free crimp beads (2.5mm) 4 end crimps Tools you may need (not included): Flat nose pliers. Click to purchase. DIY STEPS: BEADED BRACELET You can either use the cotton string or nylon string to make your bracelet. If you are using cotton string and if stringing the beads seem to be difficult, you can apply wax (or even candle wax) to the ends to give a smoother and...

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POPPY Ribbon & Rhinestone Cuff Tutorial

WHAT YOUR DIYKL KIT SUPPLIES: 1 strip of grossgrain ribbon in the colour of your choice (note: width is approximately 4" wide) A variety of oval, marquise, teardrop and round rhinestones 2 silver crimpers 2 jump rings 1 pair of stainless steel toggle clasp Click to purchase the POPPY Ribbon & Rhinestone Cuff Kit DIY Steps: Begin by measuring the ribbon around your wrist. There should be a 1.5-inch gap between both ends of the ribbon. Arrange your rhinestones on the table. You do not have to follow ours exactly as shown here. Feel free to customise your own design!  Once you are satisfied with the rhinestone arrangement, start to transfer them onto the ribbon with the centre rhinestone. Apply the E6000...

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SERAPHINA x TIMEOUTKL Rhinestone Leather Cuff Tutorial

Photos by Light Show Photography/Time Out Kuala Lumpur; edited by DIYKL What your DIYKL kit supplies: 1 pre-cut soft leather cuff in fuchsia 1 pre-cut stiffer leather cuff in turquoise A variety of rectangle, marquise, teardrop and round rhinestones 2 button screw-on studs E6000 glue (optional) Click to purchase the Seraphina x TIMEOUTKL Rhinestone Leather Cuff Kit. DIY Steps: Begin with inserting the screw into the hole of the pre-cut leather piece. This should be the square end of the cuff, not the triangle end. (Picture 2) Next, take the button stud and screw it on tightly. (Picture 3) You can now plan out your design - go ahead and freestyle! Tip: Try designing from the middle and spread the...

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